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Substance abuse is proving one of the most expensive and critical issues Americans are faced with today. The drug industry has created a whole new generation of people addicted to one substance or another. Friends and family members of people addicted to drugs and alcohol often feel helpless. Watching someone struggle with substance abuse can devastates many lives. The situation is far from hopeless, however, as an ever-increasing number of people work to end the suffering of those in the grips of addiction. But most addicts have trouble understanding the damage that their addiction is causing.

How do you demonstrate to an addict how serious the problem is? The best answer is to hold an intervention. An intervention is a well-planned meeting with the addict, the addict’s loved ones and a mediator or an interventionist. The interventionist is someone who has knowledge of the addict’s condition and how the addict can get help. During the intervention, the addict is directly confronted about the damages caused by the addiction. At the end of the meeting, the addict is urged to get help immediately or face certain consequences. The consequences will depend on the situation, but the addict must know that the addictive behavior will not be tolerated any more.

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