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Why It’s Needed

When a person becomes chemically dependent on a substance, the body and brain change. The brain stops producing the normal number of neurochemicals that induce feelings of well-being since they are introduced artificially by the drug effect. Once the drug is ceased, the brain is left with a deficit of these neurochemicals and the result is symptoms of withdrawal. The severity of symptoms varies widely and depends on the individual, genetics, the drug or drugs used, length and amount used and other factors.

Before behavioral therapy can begin, a person must first rid his or her body of the addictive substances. This process is known as detox and may come with withdrawal symptoms. The majority of people entering treatment need to detox. The key to a successful detox is to do it surrounded by professionals who are able to give you the counsel and medicine you may need. It’s very difficult for an addict to detox all by themselves. In some cases, it can even be deadly. A qualified medical staff can ensure that the detox process will go as smoothly as possible.

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