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The damages of addictions are obvious. From here in Atlanta to the coasts of our nation, we can see people suffering because of their addictions. Why can’t most addicts just quit? Because addiction is a disease, not a choice. Most addicts don’t want to be addicts. They feel like they must stay addicts in order to stay alive. The addiction has blinded them to any other alternative. Addiction changes the addict’s mind and body to the point that the addictive substance becomes vital. How then can an addict break free?

In order to be successful in quitting drugs or alcohol, you will need support. You may already have that from your friends and family. Perhaps they have been urging you to get help for a long time. On the other hand, you may be lacking support. Not everyone has people in their lives who want them to improve. In fact, some addicts want others to be addicted as well. Some don’t see any reason to improve their lives. But if you’re reading this, you probably have good reasons to improve. A good rehab center will have the supportive networks you need to stay sober on a long-term basis.

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